End Credits

Hey everyone,

We regret to announce that Boba Fett: The Movie is being put on the shelf for the time being.

Ford has moved to India, and my current graduate school schedule keeps me too busy to keep up the project and the blog.

We had a lot of fun working on this project. It was a million-to-one shot from the start, but that was what made it fun. We’d like to thank our good friend Alan for creating and managing the website, along with everyone else who came along for the ride, “joining the movement,” following the blog, and leaving comments. You made this project fun and tangible. You are all awesome!

As for the future, who knows what it holds? If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the man Boba Fett, he always comes back!

We leave you with a link to “Star Wars Uncut,” an impressive project in which Episode IV was divided up into 15 second segments. Fan groups then each picked a segment, filmed it, and uploaded it to vimeo. The website then spliced them together, creating a seamless film out of a collage of fandom. It’s pretty awesome! Check it out!


– Josh

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