About the Project

The Star Wars Movie To End All Star Wars Movies

Boba Fett: The Movie began as a silly Iron Man-like idea about a boy-genius who builds a fully-functional suit of Mandalorian battle armor.  It was mindless fun, it was an underdeveloped story, and it was ultimately unnecessary.

The idea began to evolve, however, into something more—a story about kids swinging plastic lightsabers, people chasing big dreams, and nerds learning to grow up—a story, in other words, about people like us.


Like many Star Wars fans, Brian Farmer wishes that he could live in a galaxy of lightsabers, high adventure, and dangerous bounty hunters.  He and his two best friends, Victor and Nathan, grow up together like many of us did in the 90’s, acting out Death Star runs, playing Rogue Squadron, and discussing heatedly the merits of a certain prequel trilogy.

Being a headstrong, reckless whiz at mechanics who is determined to “make Star Wars real,” Brian builds a Boba Fett suit, jet pack and all, so that he can live the life of his favorite character ever.  After making a splash in the news with his high-flying antics, Brian is contacted by a mysterious employer who turns out to be George Lucas.  Lucas is in the process of “making Star Wars real” himself, converting Skywalker Ranch into a massive Star Wars theme park.

As Brian develops a friendship with his filmmaking idol, learns to love a real girl in the real world (a Trekkie, too),  nearly loses his life at the hands of a real-life Boba Fett, and participates in a battle of galactic proportions over the screenplay rights to Episodes 7, 8, and 9, he learns that maybe it’s high time to grow up, let go of Star Wars, and live life for realz.

The Goal

This is not a typical fan fiction tribute film; its story essentially ends with all of its main characters letting go of Star Wars and moving on.  Boba Fett: The Movie is an attempt to be the swan song of Star Wars: its closure, its mass exhale, its ending.  Given the astonishing rate by which Star Wars material is still being produced, we realize that this is a radical notion.  We’re honestly not sure how fans will feel about this idea, so that’s why we’re throwing it out to you now via this website.  In the end, of course, Star Wars belongs to Mr. Lucas, and he can do with it what he pleases; but we can’t help but wonder, upon seeing interviews like this one, if he might actually be interested in just such an endeavor:

George Lucas on The Daily Show With John Stewart

We knew from the beginning that it was a million-to-one shot that this would ever get made, so the point of this website is to get others involved!  The ultimate goal is to get a chance to pitch the idea to Mr. Lucas, so if you want to join the movement and cast your lot in with this movie, we’d love to have you!

– Ford and Josh


6 Responses to About the Project

  1. David says:

    Rock on.

  2. Judah says:

    Count me in!

    Gets me excited. Keep us up to date. Wish you had used your voice for the trailer though ( :

  3. I wold love to be apart of this film if it happens or any other Star Wars related films or TV or mini series.

  4. Thanks for the support, Richard!

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